Packing :)

  1. thomasnougat said: Also, it’s excruciatingly humid here right now. Walking around in only underwear would probably help against that!
  2. byjinnguyen said: *bites lip* sexy dil senpaiiiiii*~*~*
  3. geniuskenty2k said: Not judging you at all…
  4. maikeruchen said: i’m sure that’s all you’ll need for the entire week =P just a pair of undies, maybe a tank top or two, and some sandals, can’t have you walking around NYC barefoot =3
  5. willayum said: UM. *meets you for the first time while you’re in your underwear*
  6. mr-so said: haha I’m packing right now too!
  7. gr333ntea said: DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
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